Sandman by Neil Gaiman

So I recently decided to reread Neil Gaiman’s graphic series The Sandman which is pretty convenient because Gaiman recently announced this, he will be writing a prequel for The Sandman detailing just what Morpheus was up to before Burgess accidentally captured him. All we know is that the story involves Morpheus being pushed to his absolute breaking point, and from what he’s gone through in some of the tales, this is going to be one hell of a show. More details will emerge, as it won’t be out until next year, but I’ll be catching up on my Morpheus-lore (probably more than once) in preparation!

Morpheus plays the Oldest Game.

I really can’t gush about The Sandman enough. The artwork is beyond beautiful, both the dust covers and the panels. The dust covers  are done by Dave McKean. And if I understand the process discussed in The Sandman Dust Covers correctly, he actually builds 6’x6′ works of art incorporating pictures, trinkets, chains, fruit, trees, anything.

That is an actual woman. With a giant moon mask. (Cover of Soft Places from Fables & Reflections)

The characters are well-rounded and interesting, even Morpheus who claims to be unchanging and above petty human emotions is pretty much guilty of all of them. My favorite character,in this and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, is Death, even though Pratchett’s is quite different from Gaiman’s…

Though both are slightly cheerier than you’d expect…