Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan…I didn’t want to get sucked in. I didn’t. I also didn’t want to pick up a book A) Not on my reading list that B) I wanted to read more than anything on my reading list. But here I am, downloading The Lightning Thief and getting in to bed early to start it.

Just what I need…another book series with a wicked tattoo.

The bookstore I work at made a point to announce the new book The Mark of Athena and it’s got a really great cover with OWLS and HORSES and SWORDS and how can I not know more about this? I should admit I didn’t see the movie as I’m a big believer in reading the book before seeing the movie…and I had no interest in the books…until…well, owls, horses, lightning, swords. Ya ken?

So, after reading Dark Places and being convinced that everyone in my family was going to murder me, I’ll be starting The Lightning Thief. And I’m assuming I’ll start thinking my family are all half-Olympian gods and pegasuses…pegasi?

Just look at this cover!

UPDATE: I have finished The Lightning Thief and I can say I’m hooked. Percy’s character alone is worth the read, he’s almost impossible not to like and you find yourself cringing along with him when he does something stupid. He’s also loyal and brave and intelligent (even if he doesn’t think so sometimes and doesn’t act like it others). I’m reading to head onto the next book The Sea of Monsters and I might even check out The Lightning Thief movie.

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