Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor


I actually finished this book a few weeks ago but I took a trip to Nebraska, during which I told every single member of my family to pick up and read this series.

When I fell  in love with Daughter of Smoke and Bone I was immediately wary of the sequel. It could have been better…but it could be worse and then there I’d be, heartbroken, hoping that the third would make up for it. But holy Hell, Days of Blood and Starlight was amazing.

In the wake of Akiva’s betrayal and new revelation about who she is, Karou has taken on Brimstone’s work, creating soldiers for the chimaera. We’re given more backstory for the chimaera themselves as well as the angels. In the first book it seemed that they were all soldiers but here we learn there are civilians as well. Karou has to deal with the man who condemned her and Akiva to die. For a while there I was genuinely considering that I’d read Thiago wrong and that he was a decent guy who just wanted Karou/Madrigal to be happy.


I will admit, I got a bit tetchy with Akiva. He was being hella mopey, which is fair because he screwed up pretty royally. But getting more about his relationships with Hazael and Liraz was well worth it. I’m going to freak out if they don’t find a way to help Hazael in the third book.

Taylor has a lot of questions to answer in the third book (and final…although I could read about twelve more of these…just saying.) Karou has to tell Akiva about Thiago, Mik has to marry Zuzana (normally I’m annoyed by side parings but goodness these two are precious), Ziri and Liraz have to get together (right?), and Karou and Akiva have to figure themselves out…

So, like I said, I could stand to have this series drag on a bit…