The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett


So the Discworld mass-marked paperbacks are being rereleased. The covers are pretty much the same but the book itself is slightly taller than normal. Does this mean I’m going to do something crazy like buy a whole new set of Discworld novels so it looks really, really good on my shelves?

Absolutely it does.

And they do look good.

Normally I can finish a Discworld novel in a day but it took me a little over two weeks with The Color of Magic. The problem, I think, with rereading a series like this is that you know exactly how good it gets. So going back through the first ones, the novels that set up the world, is a little dull. Although, it gave me the opportunity to pick up on jokes I may have missed the first time around.

But these novels are so good (and most of the film adaptations are too). Not to mention Raising Steam, the 40th Discworld novel, comes out soon!


Favorite quote:

“He’s got a box with a demon in it that draws pictures,” said Rincewind shortly. “Do what the madman says and he will give you gold.” (page 42)