The Heart of Darkness Club by Gary Reilly


It isn’t often I feel “out of it” book-wise. Pithy references, subtle quotes, I can pretty much run with the big dogs. However, once again, Uncle Gary makes me feel like I’ve never read anything ever.

Heart of Darkness? No.

Finnegan’s Wake?  Never. Have you seen that thing? It doesn’t even start or end with a complete sentence. C’mon.

Peyton Place? Probably not in print anymore.

Seriously, I felt like Captain America.

The Heart of Darkness Club (book 3 in the Asphalt Warrior series) doesn’t disappoint. Murph is breaking his one rule again, don’t get involved in the lives of your fares. Once again, Murph is at the center of a murder investigation and it’ll take a monetary vandal, a message on a new fangled answering machine, and a week of delivering flowers to funeral homes (dead body included!) to clear Murph of the charges.

And one rather suspicious Rollo. Seriously, where did Rollo go?


Favorite quote:

The cop began walking toward me. It was just like in the movies. He was walking in slow motion. I was trapped. Caged. Nowhere to run.

“I called your company to let them know what happened,” he said.

You fool! I wanted to scream, but I didn’t. I just said, “Thank you.” (page 68)