We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

I don’t usually pick out novels without a sci-fi slant but Kiersten White recommended We Are Okay on Twitter and at this point…I will read whatever she says.

We Are Okay is a quick read about loss and running away. Unless you’ve experienced a sudden (or not-so-sudden) loss, it might not resonate. Mostly because your brain kind of goes offline after a shakeup like that. So while most people would think “Hmm…she loses her grandfather and runs away to college with nothing but a debit card and the clothes on her back and doesn’t tell anyone she knows what she’s done” might seem far-fetched.

But, if you get it, you recognize that you find yourself doing a bunch of weird shit you really can’t explain.

Favorite quote:

“How it all started was the first day of English, when Brother John had us analyze some stupid poem, and you raised your hand and said something so smart about it that suddenly the poem didn’t seem stupid anymore. And I knew that you were the kind of person I wanted to know. But what I didn’t know yet was that you can tell a girl you want to hang out with her because she said something smart. So I looked for an excuse to talk to you, and I found one.” (page 49)

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